Bulk Diesel

Profusion Fuels has your bulk diesel needs covered, whether its 1,000 or 50,000 Litres we can cater for you.

Our alliance with IOR Petroleum ensures that our supply is consistent all year round and our Bendigo storage also means we can offer greater flexibility with your delivery rather than placing you in the queue.


Profusion Fuels provides a wide a range of industries with premium quality TotalEnergies Lubricants, Fluids and Services.

TotalEnergies has been present in Australia for more than 50 years.

TotalEnergies Marketing Australia (M&S Lubricants Division) focuses on key direct lubricant markets including Agriculture, Mining, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Power Generation and Special Fluids.

Our commitment

We supply only premium quality products that meet or exceed manufacturer’s requirements.

  • We value customer service as an absolute priority
  • We provide flexible administration and delivery
  • We support our customers with technical expertise and advice
  • Our products are priced competitively in the market

Profusion Card

Welcome to Profusion Fuels United Card
Need fuel on the go? We have you covered

The offer

  • 2 CPL off bowser price
  • 470 United Card Accepting Locations
  • 335 Hi-flow Pumps
  • 151 24 hour operations
  • 85 Truck Friendly Locations

The guarantee

  • To provide your vehicle with safe and effective fuels at a competitive price
  • Our fuels meet or exceed all Australian quality standards

Aviation Fuel

Coming soon.


Our pure nox‐reduction agent is for diesel engines equipped with SCR catalysts.

Produced from a fully integrated and dedicated production plant Everblue AdBlue® fulfils the quality standard ISO 22241 and DIN V 70070. 

10 Litre Diesel Engine Everblue SCR System Treatment With spout

Fuel Cells & Equipment

Fuel cells, fuel equipment and fuel management systems are available. For further information please contact us.

Tank Pro Farm

Tank Model Safe Fill Capacity (L) Tank Length (m) Tank Height (m) Empty Tank Weight (kg) Dispensing Options
T4.5 4,500 2.150 1.935 670 Pump Package
T9 8,500 2.950 2.185 850 Pump Package
T18 17,500 5.850 2.185 1465 Pump Package

Tank Pro SB

Cube Tank Model Safe Fill Capacity (L) Tank Length (m) Tank Width (m) Tank Height (m) Empty Tank Weight (kg) Dispensing Options
LC1 1,000 1.645 1.100 1.270 710 Pump Bay
LC2 2,000 2.215 1.425 1.270 1,010 Pump Bay
LC3 3,000 2.135 2.185 1.270 1,295 Pump Bay
LC4.5 4,500 2.925 2.200 1.270 1,570 Pump Bay
LC6 6,000 3.815 2.200 1.270 2,030 Pump Bay
LC10 10,000 6.060 2.440 1.295 4,445 Pump Bay


Our fuels are stored safely, securely and in compliant tanks to ensure the fuel remains excellent quality.